Welcome to my website.

They say everyone’s got a book in them. Somehow I have managed to produce three so far, in wildly different genres: one children’s fiction, one adult spy thriller, and one extended Biblical reflection.

I also write stuff for the internet, to preach, and occasionally for the radio.

This little website with its swanky colour scheme and tasteful font provides a little more detail on me, the writer, and also about my three published books: Beyond the Door, The Chicken Shak Spy and The Shepherd God. There’s also a blog, although I don’t write there very regularly…

Hopefully you’ll find something of interest here. If you don’t, you could try my Biblical reflections at Crossring.com. I also have a private blog but you’ll have to contact me if you’d like access!

Thanks for stopping by!

SL, London, December 2016.