Richard Dawkins: I would be in favour of infanticide

The Guardian Hay Festival 2007Following on from last night’s blog post “academics propose killing babies,” I have just watched a YouTube video in which eminent evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist states that “morally I have no objection at all” to infanticide.

In fact, he continues to state, “I would be in favour of infanticide.”

Dawkins says that he would be happy for an “abortion” of a baby up to a year old if it “turned out to have some horrible incurable disease that meant it was going to die in agony in later life.”

I am utterly horrified by the cool and measured approach in which Dawkins suggests that it is perfectly acceptable to murder babies. Whether you have a religious belief or not, to deny the dignity of human life in this way is callous and, dare I say it, evil.

I really do worry about the direction our supposedly “civilised” nation is taking when admired, respected (by some) and highly educated people can propose such horrific treatment of a baby, a person, a human being.

The clip, which I am sure you will want to see, is here:

(Thanks to @thechurchmouse for highlighting this video on Twitter).