• The Chicken Shak Spy

    product_thumbnail.phpThe Chicken Shak Spy is the first in a series of spy-thriller novels, focusing on the work of top-secret private security firm, The Hunter Group, and more particularly Graham Chapman, known as the Chicken Shak Spy.

    The Chicken Shak Spy focuses on a plot to kill the Pope whilst he is visiting the UK. The Hunter Group, led by Jeremy Hunter, are given the task of ensuring the safety of the Pope. They quickly discover a web of conspiracy involving at least two organisations who seem to be preparing to kill the Pope.

    Unexpectedly, the Pope is kidnapped and disappears. The Hunter Group need to find him, and fast, if they are to protect his life.

    Whilst attempting to maintain the safety and security of the Pope, Graham Chapman and his colleagues find themselves investigating major terrorist acts, house fires, hired assassins and much, much more.

    If you enjoy the work of novelists such as Lee Child, Dan Brown and John Grisham, you’ll love The Chicken Shak Spy!

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