Introducing my new book, “The Shepherd God”

christ-the-redeemer-statue-rio-de-janeiroI am pleased to introduce my latest book, The Shepherd God: Finding Peace, Worth and Purpose in a Busy World. The product of four years of hard work, prayer and reflection, this book is an extended reflection on Psalm 23, “The Lord is My Shepherd.”

I began writing this book after experiencing God whilst walking in the rain on Reigate Hill. For several months I had been suffering from acute depression but one day I was brought to my knees by the words of the Beth and Matt Redman song, “You Never Let Go.” This powerful song led me to open my Bible at Psalm 23. God spoke to me through the words of that incredible Psalm and reassured me that he was with me and that he would remain with me through all the highs and lows of my life. Sitting in the rain on Reigate Hill I began what would amount to several months of careful and continued reading of and reflection on the words of the Psalmist as I sought to make sense of the words of an ancient shepherd and tried to apply them to my own life.

What I uncovered was a wealth of Biblical advice and guidance that pointed me firmly towards Jesus as the embodiment of the shepherd that David describes in his Psalm. As I picked David’s words apart and prayed over them I realised more than ever before that if we want peace to be restored in our lives, if we wish to have a sense of worth, and if we want to uncover the purpose of our existence we need to turn to Christ and join with David, the shepherd, in saying, “The Lord is My Shepherd.”

“The Shepherd God,” my third book, is radically different to my previous writing projects but I believe that it is the most important. I am excited to finally bring this book to the book-buying public and hope that you will be just as challenged by the words of this seemingly irrelevant shepherd as I was.
In the book I work carefully through the Psalm, using a wealth of scriptural quotes to uncover the true meaning of David’s words and to uncover the application of this ancient text in the twenty-first century. Each chapter concludes with a number of questions and a suggested prayer, making this book suitable for both personal reflection and for group study.

“The Shepherd God” is due for publication soon, and will be available both as an ebook and a paperback. Check back soon for more details or follow me on Twitter to be kept fully informed.