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    Simon LucasAward-winning broadcaster, bestselling novelist and Hollywood screenwriter. These accolades have somehow eluded me so far. I am, however, a writer, novelist and teacher. I live in Sussex with my wife, a consultant in Emergency Medicine, and my two children. I have a wide variety of interests, including education, writing, Christianity, technology and the internet. I’m also an avid reader, a keen geocacher, and a passionate sailor.

    I was born and raised in Surrey, where I was educated at Burys Court Preparatory School and Reigate Grammar School. After completing my A Levels, I decided not to go to university, but focus on a career in business. I therefore undertook the prestigious Marks and Spencer management training programme. Two years later, however, I decided to head to university after all, and enrolled at the University of Essex to study History and Politics. Whilst at university, I ran my own internet-based career consultancy, specialising in outplacement work. On completion of my degree, I studied for a PGCE in Secondary History at Cambridge University. I subsequently studied at the University of London’s Institute of Education, where I gained an MA in Education. I have taught at three radically different schools, a high-powered city centre intellectual hothouse, a quieter, rural boarding school and currently, a large and prestigious London prep school.

    I am a committed Christian. I founded a major Christian website in 2000, for which I have written a great deal of Biblically-focused content. I have also written for “The Walk” magazine, a Christian lifestyle publication for young people. I have previously been an active preacher and still receive invitations to preach from time to time. I am also a contributor to Premier Christian Radio’s “Thought of the Day” on the Inspirational Breakfast Show.

    I have had an active interest in politics from an early age. I have campaigned with one of the UK’s major political parties for over a decade, at both local and national level. I have stood as a councillor on two occasions.

    I have recently published my first non-fiction book, The Shepherd God: Finding Peace, Worth and Purpose in a Busy World, an extended reflection on Psalm 23. I also have two published novels to my name, Beyond the Door, a traditional-genre children’s novel, and The Chicken Shak Spy, a contemporary spy thriller for adults.