• The Shepherd God: Reviews

    ***** A book that will refresh you in the midst of your busyness

    I highly recommend this book which will give you a true perspective in the midst of a busy world. This book has a universal appeal as we are all prone to busyness in the Western world whether or not we live in a metropolis. I really appreciated Lucas’ exposition of Psalm 23 and the many insightful points he brings out of it. It is well illustrated with touching lessons drawn from his own life which he very generously and humbly gives us in order that we may be the beneficiaries. This book deserves a wide audience on both sides of the Atlantic.

    ***** A ‘Must’ For All!

    I love this book. The psalm is broken down and each verse explained so it is understandable for all. As a new Christian I am ‘devouring’ as many books as I can but this one has to be the best. I borrowed it from a friend but now have my own copy so that I can read it many times over. I would recommend it to all Christians as a ‘must read’. Thank you Mr Lucas and God bless you.

    ***** Uplifting and Exhilarating!

    What an amazing book! This book has inspired me to pray Psalm 23 every day and mean it and it has already made a difference to my life. If you buy one faith based book this year, make it this one. Thank you Mr Lucas.

    **** A Helpful Exploration of Psalm 23

    Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known and best loved passages in the Bible. But how often do people stand back and really think about the words?

    What Simon Lucas does in this book is work through the psalm, at each point drawing out some helpful implications for us today. For example, what does it mean to say “the Lord is *my* shepherd”? It was also good to see how Psalm 23 is fulfilled in Jesus Christ – another aspect which many may gloss over.

    The book itself is set within the framework of Simon’s own experience of depression, much of the book is related to his personal experience. As such, I would particularly recommend it for people who are struggling at the moment with hard times.

    Each chapter feels like a sermon (not a criticism!), and at the end of each chapter there are some questions to think about. As such I think the book may be useful for use in home groups or the like as a discussion starter.

    Overall this is a helpful book for thinking through what Psalm 23 means for Christians today, especially Christians who are struggling.

    **** A thoughtful reflection on the nuances of a psalm that is often read but rarely understood with the depth of clarity it deserves

    If you want to get to grips with the depth of meaning in the most famous psalm, this book would be a great starting place. And if you enjoy biblically-based testimony of how God reveals himself to those who cry out to him, you will find that parts of Simon’s story make for powerful reading. For me, it’s a reminder that God is faithful and will use even the toughest times of our lives to further his work in us. I’m grateful to Simon for his openness, honesty and clarity in sharing his story, and hope it will encourage many others, too.

    This is a 4.5/5 kind of book.