• Books

    I have always loved writing, and thoroughly enjoy the process of creating a book. There’s something really exciting about being able to create your own world, explore characters that you have created, and sustaining an exciting plot for a prolonged period.

    I have completed and published several books, each in a different genre. I always have another on the go at any given time; at present, I am working on three entirely different books.

    This section of the site is dedicated to my literary creations.

    Gone Robotic

    My first attempt at writing a book was an effort called, Gone Robotic, which I wrote at the age of ten. I greatly enjoyed the creative process, but suspect that the finished product was not very good. Sadly, I only ever had one copy of Gone Robotic and it has long since disappeared. (Probably for the best!)

    Beyond the Door

    My second attempt at writing a novel was rather more successful than Gone Robotic. I began writing Beyond the Door, a traditional genre children’s fiction book at the age of fourteen. I completed the book four years later and it was published soon after that.

    You can find out more about Beyond the Door, including where to purchase a copy, from the Beyond the Door section of my site.

    The Chicken Shak Spy

    My second full-length novel, The Chicken Shak Spy, was originally envisaged as the first in a series of conspiracy thrillers following the work of a private security organisation, the Hunter Group. Working with MI5, MI6 and the CIA, the Hunter Group tackle the jobs that governments would rather keep off the books. In The Chicken Shak Spy, the team receive a death threat for the Pope, who is visiting the UK, and have to work hard to ensure the Pontiff’s safety.

    At present, The Chicken Shak Spy is a stand-alone novel, although a second adventure is in the works (and has been for some time!)

    You can find out more about The Chicken Shak Spy in the Chicken Shak Spy section of my site.

    The Shepherd God: Finding Peace, Worth and Purpose in a Busy World

    My most recent book is something completely different to my previous works. My first non-fiction book, The Shepherd God is best described as an extended reflection on Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd). Probably my most successful book, The Shepherd God considers what the words of the psalm’s writer, David, might mean for us today, particularly those for whom the world is currently a troubling place.

    You can find out more about The Shepherd God in the Shepherd God section of my site.